August 30, 2016

Good news, we have received tentative approval for our Silverdale RIOT 5K course. This course is set in the Clear Creek Trail park along the paved bike trail. It is a gentle uphill run for the first half and a fun downhill sprint for the second half. Its also a great course for those who choose to walk and those with child strollers.  Now that this step is nearly complete, we can move forward with our marketing and advertising work to get the word out. In the mean time, spread the word! More to follow soon.

July 25, 2016

Race Committee Meeting Notes

Hello everyone.  Thanks to all of you who came out tonight for our RIOT 5K Kickoff meeting . We got a lot accomplished tonight and I am excited by the energy and good ideas all of you have. So, as I promised, here is a review of the meeting included some of the items that were decided upon and what follow up actions will be taken.

Race name - Silverdale RIOT Sweetheart 5K
Race Type  - 5k Run and separate Kids Run
Race Theme - Valentines / Healthy Hearts
Race Date - February 11, 2016
Tentative Time - 9:00 am
Race Location - TBD but several options are being considered, including a course on Clear Creek Trail or a course starting and ending at the Kitsap Fairgrounds
Race Cost - No more than $30.00. Two fee structures for either T-Shirt or no T-Shirt. $5.00 increase for race day sign-up. No admission fee for active military members
Race Goodies - Finisher medal, Action Race Photo
Race Timing - Manual (Bib and Pull Tag)
T-Shirt Design - Silverdale Riot members contest

Current follow up Items and Assignments

Start/Finish/Timing Coordination- Dolores Montgomery
Water Stops - Ring Family
Publicity/Media - Valorie Reed
Race Web page design - Jacob Ring
Course Location - Frank Bekker - To be completed no later than end of August
Course Design - Frank Bekker , Isobel Crump
Sponsorship - Becky Rogers
Photography - Becky Rogers
Registration - Isobel Crump
Race Director - Frank Bekker

There are still some significant jobs/tasks that need to be addressed such as Finance and Equipment Management so keep your ears to the ground on possible volunteers for those jobs.

If I have left anything out, please let me know.

Next in person meeting - August, date TBD.

Frank Bekker - Race Director

July 20, 2016

Check out our agenda for the upcoming Silverdale RIOT 5K Race Committee Meeting

JULY 25, 2016 6:00 PM
Island Lake Park
Dinner will be provided; you bring your own beverage.

 I.          Welcome / Opening remarks
II.         Introductions
III.       Discussion Items

                        A.         Race Name

                        B.         Date

                        C.         Location

                        D.         Event Timeline         

                        E.         Job/Task List

                        F.         Job/Task Assignments

                        G.         Meeting methods/schedules

IV.        Action Items
V.         Review

June 26, 2016

Hello Fellow Runners

 Silverdale RIOT's mission is a simple one: We strive to further the sport of running and the running community through an inspirational, supportive running club. Throughout the world, running has brought people together not just for sport but to raise awareness and money for issues that go beyond running. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we are planning to host our first Silverdale RIOT 5k in February. This race is planned to be a non-profit activity with all of the proceeds to be directed to a local charity in the Silverdale area. We have not finalized this yet but our intent is to direct the revenue to members of the military who need assistance in their lives after service.

In order to be successful in meeting our objective, we are going to need a team of dedicated volunteers for our Silverdale RIOT Race Committee. There are many jobs that need to be completed - many behind the scenes - in order to host a race that is fun for the runners, exciting for the community and most importantly, raise money for the cause we find so important.

An all inclusive job list is too lengthy to list here but some of more important jobs that need to be filled include:

Course Design
Volunteer Management
Course Management/Water-stops
Start/Finish/Timing Coordination
Parking Management
Equipment Management
T-Shirt Design
Race Web-Site Design

 This list may look a bit daunting but the good news is that 5K races have been around for a long time and there are many resources we can tap to make this endeavor go smoothly.

 If you want to help support a community cause; promote the sport of running, or simply want to hand out water to sweaty runners, become a member of our Silverdale RIOT Race Committee.

June 24, 2016

Our goal in Silverdale RIOT is to promote running – plain and simple. We want all of our members to get out there and run as much as they can and whatever pace they like. Running with friends is a great way to do this.   We believe that by creating standing events, our members can always count and depend on a specific running event on a specific day and time. The Original RIOT Run on Wednesday mornings is our most well attended run because it always happens – rain or shine. We would like our other events to become just as consistent and popular. To that end, we believe that a few guidelines are necessary to further that goal.  The following sets parameters for the several types of events that occur and how the scheduling of those events will work in conjunction with our Meet Up and Facebook sites. These procedures are also very important in that they satisfy our general liability insurance policy

 There will be two kinds of events for RIOT: a Regularly ScheduledHosted event that will be attended by a designated RIOT member.  The Hosted event will occur rain or shine.  That person will be the leader of the run, greet newcomers if any, and generally make sure all the attendees are informed about the specifics of the event: distance, route, pace, ensuring all members are accounted for at the end of the run, etc. They do not have to actually be the pacesetter. This event can only be scheduled on Meetup or Facebook by a Board Member or designee.  If a member wants to organize something unique or a "one-off" type of event and agrees to be a host, we will always consider those as long as they adhere to the hosting guidelines

 The second type of event is Ad-Hoc Hosted and can be initiated by any RIOT member who will serve as the host. It is an informal run of any type and there is no expectation that they will occur on a regular schedule. In order for these events to be covered by our insurance, this event must be some type of a run activity, i.e. hill repeats, run/walk, slow run, etc. Members organizing this type of event follow the same guidelines as a Regularly Scheduled Hosted event to ensure the safety of all those attending. Any RIOT member can request a Board member to schedule the event with the provision that it will not be scheduled on a date of a regularly scheduled RIOT event.

 Additionally, we will continue allow members to use the Silverdale RIOT Facebook page to seek running partners for any type of informal run, for example, "Mary is looking for running partners to run 6 miles today in Kingston". We will not allow members to make this request on our Facebook page on our regularly scheduled event days.

We know that our members lives and schedules are busy so we strive to build a program that can accommodate those who appreciate structure in a running club and those who need some flexibility with their running schedule.