August’s Member of the Month is Tin VanNorman. Tim was selected not because he can run far and long and fast but rather for the transformative power of running itself. While not everyone can or wants to be an Ultramarathon athlete like Tim, we can all strive to reach our own goals and push our boundries as he has done in the past few years through running. He has successfully completed races of up to 100 miles and doing so while boldly representing Silverdale RIOT. Our RIOT club is made up of many individual stories of conquests and achievments that were made possible by the simple act of running; putting one foot in front of the other, again and again. This month we celebrate Tim for doing that over and over again, while representing the rest of us doing the same thing.

 We asked Tim a few questions about running and Silverdale RIOT and here is what he had to say:

 How I got into running:

Growing up, I played football and baseball which obviously involves a bit of running.  After high school, I ran in the Navy but only because they made me.  It wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed.  In 2006 I got out of the Navy weighing about 190 pounds.  By 2011 I had ballooned to 255 pounds.  At that point I decided to make a change to be healthier, eat better, and start running.  I started by running up and down my driveway a couple times.  Over time, that mile and a half got easier and I got comfortable enough with myself to run on the road.  A mile and a half became 3, 3 became 5, and so on.  Now, I just enjoy it all, road, trail, and even treadmill, regardless of the distance.  It hasn’t always been easy but it’s definitely better than being overweight.

How I got involved with RIOT:

I don’t exactly know.  I tried to meet up with Becky and Randy at the Capitol Peaks Fatass in 2015 but we missed each other I think.  But then it just sort of happened.  We met up to run and then ran the Orcas Island 50K that February.  Spent the rest of that year just running and doing RIOT stuff whenever I could.  Just seems like one day I wasn’t part of RIOT and the next day I was.

 What has RIOT done for me and my running:

RIOT has given me an amazing network of people; both in and out of the group.  I don’t always like to run with people but it’s nice to have a way to network with people and be able to join a group run or event or to invite others to come along on my runs. 


Recent accomplishments that I am proud of or want mentioned:

Compared to previous years, I have raced a lot less this  year and it’s been a relatively quiet year for me.  I have really worked hard to minimize the number of races I enter so that in itself is an accomplishment.  So far this year I have completed my first 100 miler, in April, and then in July I ran a 100K in Idaho/Montana.  The 100K was particularly challenging due to about 85% of the race taking place above 8000’; an elevation I had never ran at particularly for such an extended period of time. 

Member of the Month

August  2016

Member of the Month

Dolores Montgomery

Tim VanNorman

Congratulations to Dolores Montgomery for being selected as RIOT’S Member of the Month. In the past, we have spotlighted a first time marathoner, an ultra runner and an obstacle course participant; this month we are choosing to focus on a member who besides competing at a high level, has generously given her time to support our club and other club members in their endeavors. In addition to her participation in our weekly events (braving the recent rain and cold weather) , she is a member of our RIOT 5K planning committee and recently did double duty as both crew member and pacer for a member who successfully completed the Bigfoot 120 mile race at Mt St Helens. While running a 120-mile race is obviously a difficult task, being a crew-member and pacer is no walk in the park either. You are exposed to the same weather elements; sleep deprivation and other inconveniences as the racers. Making this somewhat more challenging for this event was that Dolores also had to drive several hundred miles in a weekend chasing her team all over the darn mountain. It has been said before but bears repeating, our runners did a wonderful job and it was not without the support of members like Doris helping them along the way. It is a pleasure and benefit for us to have Dolores in our running club.

 As always, we asked Doris a few questions and here is what she had to say:

 What got you involved in running?

I started running in Junior High because some friends were trying out for the team, primarily running the sprint races. I immediately bonded with the sport and went on to run x-country and track in high school moving up to the long distance races. I then competed collegiately for Western Washington University for four years in X-country and track and have continued running off and on with varying commitment for the last 30 years.

 How did you get involved in RIOT?

I first found RIOT on their Facebook page and decided to attend one of the conditioning classes offered in the spring of this year and was immediately challenged and introduced to some new training techniques. My own training had become quite mundane usually consisting of 5 -7 mile runs with little variety. I continued to attend RIOT conditioning, track sessions, and trail runs meeting great members of the club. From day one of joining RIOT, I was welcomed and have benefitted immensely. It truly is a diverse running club that welcomes all from walkers to ultra-marathoners with the same welcoming smile and support.

 How has RIOT impacted your running?

One of the best benefits of RIOT is the motivation derived from watching and hearing about members successes and supporting them in reaching their goals. It is great to be a part of something that has members doing amazing things every week. Through my running years I have benefitted greatly from the support of the running community. I would like to give back by encouraging and supporting other RIOT members to reach their goals and help introduce others to our sport by helping organize RIOT sponsored races. RIOT has inspired me to keep running and set new goals for myself. I hope to meet more members at upcoming RIOT events and races. Races this year have been few but I don't race a lot. Sound to Narrows 12K Beast of Big Creek 10K trail race Silverdale Whale of a Run 4 mile G.O.A.T. trail race 25k