Michelle Ring - Secretary

Running is my constant and as my constant has shaped my life as a person. 15+ years in the sport has taught me about life, the highs and lows, personal limits and exceeding them and most importantly, finding balance.  My greatest accomplishment as a runner is learning what it means to listen to my body.   Listening to your body is really about tuning inward and letting the journey be your guide. Observe. Acknowledge. And let go…..Instead of feeling trapped under a certain mindset or predetermined path, our thoughts and actions are just part of doing. Not being defined...by a race, a training run, weekly mileage, distance or time.  Simply running for the sake of running and feeling more alive with every run.
As a mother of four, I’ve often said that running and motherhood go hand-in-hand.  I am a better mother because I get to run, and I’m a better runner because my children offer me such perspective on running. Running and motherhood influence each other, and each one can teach you so much about the other role.  Along the way, not everything goes according to plan. Whether it’s big things, or little things, the script often changes. Just like you must do as a mother, as a runner you have to adjust to new situations. Focus on what you can do to be as prepared as possible, and be ready to adjust when necessary.   I know that my best effort is all I can ask of myself, and that I can hold my head high at the end of the day as long as I gave my best, as a mother and as a runner.

When I was first introduced to Silverdale RIOT by a fellow parent, the introvert in me was leery of running with a group.  I have always relished the solitude of running alone.  But the flip side of that mentality was a growing desire for community, to be part of something bigger than myself.  I showed up for my first RIOT event, Angela's marathon, aptly named for a member of the group who would be doing her first 26.2.  The course happened to be in my own backyard, through beautiful Seabeck, WA.  I wasn't sure I would like it but I went, I ran, and it felt OK...surprisingly good actually.  To be out there with other runners on the very same roads I had been running by myself for years.  I showed up to a few more group runs, and noticed something else.  It is inspiring to observe the running journeys of others.  Not just the pros you see on TV or read about in running magazines.  But everyday athletes, running together on any given day, by choice.  I am honored to be part of this group of everyday athletes and look forward to serving and growing, as a person and as a runner, through continued involvement with the club." 

Meet the Board

Rebekah Rogers - President

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Frank Bekker - Vice President

Frank started running relatively late in life but is now addicted to the running lifestyle and plans to continue as long as he can. His unofficial running motto is that the most important run is the one you do tomorrow; don’t sacrifice your future runs for the one you are doing today. He has competed in nearly 200 races of various types including 18 marathons. He finally achieved the goal of a sub-four hour marathon in December of 2014; apparently 17 was the lucky number!

In 2015, he and his partner Isobel moved to Kingston Wa. from Southern California where they discovered the Silverdale RIOT Running Club. After running many years alone, he found the many benefits of running with others: running faster and longer with less effort and more fun. Learning from other more experienced runners, encouraging the beginners and participating in races together has also renewed his excitement for the sport.

He is honored to be a member of the Board of Directors for Silverdale RIOT and is committed to furthering the mission of the club by supporting current and future members in their running, promoting the benefits of the sport of running in the Kitsap region and partnering with the community to advocate for a more healthy lifestyle