The Founders

Rebekah Rogers

Silverdale RIOT formed with the chance encounter of life long runners and former collegiate athletes Rebekah Rogers and Renee Nye-MacDonald.  Rebekah Rogers is a former college soccer player, premier level softball player, wrestler, track athlete, adventurer, strength and conditioning coach, obstacle course racer, and mountain ultrarunner.  Renee Nye-MacDonald is a former high school All Star track athlete, having competed on the All Navy Track and Field Team, Western State College and CSU, as well as a former college track and field coach.  After a few runs together with lively chats about strength and conditioning, Rebekah and Renee developed a beautiful concept: runners are stronger when they are working together.  Within one week, Silverdale RIOT had a name and 60 members!  Although Silverdale RIOT has changed and grown to reflect all of our members, the foundation of RIOT will always remain the same.  We are a group of friends who is here to support one another in running and health.  We strive to create an inspirational, educational, and accepting community for all our members and the public.  Silverdale RIOT started as a group of running athletes sharing ideas and friendship and will continue to be that above all else.  RIOT Strong.

Renee Nye-MacDonald