Silverdale RIOT is an affiliate member of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). Through the RRCA, RIOT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. RIOT athletes comprise a large number of the runners in the local and regional racing community.  In the past months:

-Team Silverdale RIOT athletes Rebekah and Randy Rogers completed Bigfoot 120 miler.  Rebekah placed 6th female and produced an time placing in the top 10 all-time female finishers.  Rebekah and Randy were supported by RIOT pacers and crew including Dolores, Nigel, Megan, Tabatha and Frank.

-Team RIOT members Dean Kang, Megan Morris and Nigel Neaves took the Dupont Marathon in 2017 by storm.  Dean placed 2nd overall, Nigel placed 3rd overall and Megan took the female win.

-RIOT fielded three, five-person teams in the Mt. Si Relay, placing second in the mixed division

-Silverdale RIOT three-man team took second place in the 52-mile Rainier-to-Ruston Relay.

-RIOT placed second, third, fourth, and fifth, and had a female age-group win at the Olympic Adventure Trail Half Marathon.

-RIOT scored a second, third, and fourth place finish, and a Master’s Division win at the Beast of Big Creek Summit trail race.

-RIOT had a fourth place female finish at the Mountain Marathon held in the Capitol State Forrest.

Silverdale RIOT consistently places high in all the events our club enters and fields a tremendous number of athletes, from 5k events all the way to 100-mile ultra marathons. Our goal is to support running in our community while promoting healthy lifestyles and camaraderie amongst the runners and their families, including our large military family presence.

RIOT is very active; we hold weekly training runs on the trail and street, we volunteer at community races and do trail cleanups to keep our environment clean. In addition, we utilize a running-specific cross training program for our runners via Morph Conditioning LLC. Our online and in life community is currently at nearly 300 members and growing! We use social media to proudly post our upcoming RIOT races and social events, including details about our sponsors so that our club and online community are kept as active as possible.

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